Selected participants will partake in six weeks of workshops between June and August 2020, during their summer break. Students will meet four days a week and they will not only learn video production, but will also learn Spanish and discuss Black social movements in the US and Latin America. The program is free and meals and transportation are provided.

Digital cameras, the tools of representation, provide access for youth from seemingly disparate communities to grapple with issues of identity, place, and racism.  Eight youth (between the ages of thirteen and seventeen) in from Ferguson, MO and Buenaventura, Colombia, will participate in a multiple week video-production summer program. They'll learn how to use cameras and sound recording technologies, as well as how to deal with concepts of representation, media literacy, and storytelling.  


After six weeks, participants will have the opportunity to travel to Colombia and work with the youth of Buenaventura on a joint video project. Video becomes a tool for interrogation and enlightenment. It also provides discovery and revelation. What are the similarities and differences of a world viewed by black youth in Colombia, South America and black youth Missouri, North America?

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